Spring Update

Thanks to global warming (or whatever the cause of the mild winter this year) we are now 5 weeks ahead of schedule with the new building. The pictures may still look like a series of bare rooms with bits of wire strategically hung in various places (which in fact they are) but all the boring essential work is advanced and they are going to start to take shape quite quickly from now on. I was given a tour just before half term and was astounded by the size of the main corridor which runs through the heart of the building. In the old conference centre it was the width of broom cupboard and two people that passing by would give a new meaning to the title of that classic film ‘brief encounter’ but now even that Stamford old boy Daniel Lambert himself would have plenty of clearance room on either side.


We are also seeing developments of the prospect of a fabulous set of changing rooms and football pitches, complete with a spectator stand which is currently being considered for planning permission. Oakham Adult Football have great plans for this and it would be a terrific asset to both them and the college as well as the wider community so if you wish to lend your support let your local councillor know. In the meantime we are working with Catmose Sports Centre for the provision of indoor sports facilities and are delighted to do so.


Back at the ranch Emma Burt is leading the ‘moving team’ to ensure the whole process happens smoothly and every week we hand out ‘Barleythorpe bags’ to staff so they can clear out their rooms. The last week before Easter is a designated ‘clear out’ week and the first week after the May bank holiday week is ‘packing week’ with the idea that we start moving across shortly afterwards although the old building will remain in operation until at least the end of August. On enrolment day (GCSE results day) and beyond we hope to be organising guided tours so people can take in the new site in all its glory (we still may be doing a bit of unpacking of course).


Look out for news of the Barleythorpe project in the local media over the coming weeks….



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