Full steam ahead

Two weeks since the go-ahead and work is already well on its way. When I visited the site cabin on Wednesday it seemed huge with two storey’s and en-suite facilities, although the heating seemed to have two settings; extremely hot and off.

Terry Downes, the site manager sat patiently with staff all day while they explained what they wanted in their own teaching areas, a process that had been repeated with different staff at our existing site the Weds before. Both meetings were around 6 hours long with no breaks so it was intensive stuff but we have a big emphasis on consulting people as we go.

This week we also confirmed the names of the rooms….yes every room has got a name, in this case the names are all places in Rutland. The idea is that each room will also have displays of photos of that town or village so we ensure the heritage of Rutland is truly embedded in the college. In fact the whole college is based around the theme of a village with the marketplace café, the workshop, the study studio, creative industries hub and business and enterprise zone being amongst its features.

Fortunately the snow has held off and the longer that goes on the quicker the progress will be which is important because the timeline is very tight and we cannot afford too many delays.

Another piece of good news is the fact that Rutland County Council have agreed to release funds, subject to planning permission for the building of top quality football pitches behind the college. This is for Oakham adult football but the idea is that the college will be able to use the facilities during the day.

In the meantime its full steam ahead on the main building and its promising to be something we can be really proud of.


Artists Impression

Here’s an idea of how the new Rutland County College facility will look next year

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It’s an exciting time at Rutland County College with the project to create our new facility for September 2012 now underway.

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